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Organic Soul Comfort Herbal Tea 


 Our Soul Comfort tea is 100% Organic, and has many soul soothing health benefits. It promotes hormone balance, digestive health, restful sleep and is a great source of B-12, essential for a vegan diet. It is also a fantastic cellular hydrator for Men and Women. For pregnant moms in their 2nd & 3rd trimester this is a great pregnancy aid helping with lactic flow, hydration, and uterine health after birth. Truly soothing and soul comforting and it tastes great hot or cold with a bit of honey!

100% ORGANIC ingredients, this organic tea blend is designed to give you a little healing bliss whenever you need it! Comforts bellies, and aids blood, calms the mind and replenishes the soul. 

Ingredients:  100% organic.  Love, Peppermint, Lemon Grass, Raspberry leaf, Nettle, Oat straw & Chamomile flowers. (item# 0208) 75g( Loose leaf approx. 60-80 bags) 


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