For the last five years, I have had terrible trouble with dry, cracked hands. My hands have been painful and the cuts beside my nails have at times been excruciating. During this time, I have tried many different products and spent more money than I care to have spent. I am so happy that my search for a product that returns my hands back to their healthy, soft, crack-free state is over! Your Rescue Salve is an amazing product. is an incredible product that showed results immediately. I apply very little and it seems to act as a barrier all throughout the day. I think

Paula P. Comox Valley, BC

"Tell Dana that we will be her best customers just from using her rescue sauve. Darrell happened to hit the edge of the camper window when we were coming home and ripped his head open. He needed about 5/6 stitches, but refused to go into Chilliwack...big cut right to the scalp...so I doctored him with the sauve and medic tape and you would not believe how well it is doing. There will hardly be a scar, amazing! Darrell said after I put the sauve on his head that the stinging went right away and he didn't feel a thing. Wonderful stuff!!!"


Fort St. John, NB

I'm going to need a new bottle of rescue salve soon - I'm flying through it! I use it every night on my hands with some cotton mittens to mend my dry winter hands. My hands thank me and so do my nails :) I also use it on my legs as a soothing moisturizer after shaving. Love it! 

Valerie R. Comox, BC

My husband and I call Healing Bliss Rescue Salve "Magic Butter". I can say with conviction that I have never called any product "magic". This is what the Magic Rescue Salve did for my husband and I. For myself I have noticed it soften the heels of my feet like nothing else - also I live in a cold, dry area and I also use for hands and lips. For my husband, it has healed a re-occuring patch of eczema on his eyelid. When he is out of the product the eczema comes back. I will recommend these products to freinds, family and clients for many years to come for sure! Dana Hook has truly developed a product line that will be consistently selling out, so stock up now! Tammra G. - RNCP Golden, BC

I just wanted you to know that I've found your Sensual Body Oil to be the best for any massage, especially sore muscles. It not only smells awesome, it leaves your skin feeling great without an oily feeling.
Sara B.
Portland, Oregon

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you so much for putting together your amazing line Healing Bliss. Botanicals. I have used the Extreme Bliss many times on myself and my children for various cuts, burns, scrapes, etc, and always been so pleased with the quick healing results. My new found love is the Sore Muscle Rub! I had surgery back in September 2009 for a hernia on my right side. I was off from my normal activity for a few weeks, but eagerly anticipating when I could get back to exercise. I train in Muay Thai so the workouts can be quite extreme. After my first work out back I was instantly sore thinking I would need to take more time off. The Sore Muscle Rub was suggested to me and I am so glad it was!!
After three days of using it I was amazed at how well I felt. It was as if I never had any pain in the first place. I now am recommending it to anyone and everyone!
Thanks again,
Shanna Presley
Comox Valley, BC

Hello Healing Bliss
Aza's Bug Repellent passed the ultimate test with flying colours.  Excellent product.  I took a 4 oz. spray applicator of Aza's bug repellent into the jungles of Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.  Night time is the worst when hoards of dengue and malaria infested mosquitoes plot their assault.  The soothing and pleasant smelling Aza's kept them all at bay.  Not just for myself, dozens of friends were anxious for a squirt of the magic potion.  On the Caribbean side of Panama, in the mangrove swamps, the chitras descend like locusts just before dusk.  They are like tiny flying dentures with a taste for blood.  One quick application of Aza's and instant relief.  A guy can enjoy his evening beer in peace.  Who needs Deet and other dangerous chemicals?
After six months in the tropics, the spray bottle was still one-quarter full.  As I was packing to leave Nicaragua for Canada, my Nica friends grabbed the remaining Aza's Bug Repellent, telling me I could buy some more back home.  I'm tempted to try some of your other products.  Well done.
Bunky Hall

When we had our dog Kirra spayed, she was allergic to the stitches and the area kept flaring up. The vet wanted to put her on antibiotics, but I decided to go the natural way. I tried all different kinds of salves and creams, but the only one that worked was "Jack's Rescue Salve". I spotted it at our local farmers market. Daily I applied the salve to the infected areas, and it started healing right away! It is a wonderful product, and I even use it for myself. I would recommend this product to Veterinarians everywhere to use in their practice as a natural way to promote quick healing without side effects.

Annelies P. Courtenay, BC

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