Baby Care

Soothe your little one with our collection of natural products for babies.  Delicate new born skin deserves the cleanest and best when it comes to preventing and helping to heal diaper rash, cleaning their little bodies, soothing dry and irritated skin issues, or protecting from the elements. Healing Bliss Botanicals has a philosophy, “if something is not safe to ingest, it should not be put on our skin either!”  We tend to forget that the things we put on our bodies have direct, lasting impacts on our health.  I encourage you to read the ingredient labels on your favorite products and compare them to the simple ingredients listed below.  Healing Bliss Botanicals products are cruelty free and never contain any preservatives, artificial ingredients or food dyes commonly found in many baby care products. Always made by hand, in small batches to ensure freshness and potency.

Use them with confidence and peace of mind.

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