Show us some love and we’ll show it right back

Tell us about your favourite Healing Bliss product and we’ll give it to you 

You know you like us.

We know you like us.

Now here’s your chance to prove it to the rest of the world!

We want you to send us a video of you talking about how much you love your favourite Healing Bliss Botanicals product. Do that and we'll give you that product for free! What a deal!!

Share the good word (well, words…)

All you need to do is film a short video stating what your favourite Healing Bliss product is and why, and then post it to our Facebook page.

Did our Rescue Salve fix that rash in time for the family reunion? Does our Pit Perfect deodorant keep you feeling fresh and smelling great even at Music Fest? Maybe you love our pet spray because it makes your dog even more huggable? Whatever the reason, we want to hear about it.

We’ll make it worth your while

Around the end of July, we’ll send you a message via Facebook to make arrangements for getting you your favourite Healing Bliss product. Make sure you check your Facebook “message requests” (under the Messages icon) so you don’t miss it!

We may even decide to share your video on our website.

Of course, the hardest part will be deciding which product is your favourite!

As always, for information on any of our products, visit our website at

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