The Foundation Of Bliss

 Healing Bliss Botanicals is a company that was founded on a simple ideal that has been essential to human existence since the begining of time. We should be able to heal ourselves naturally with what our beautiful planet provides for us. Beyond this we should be able to treat ourselves 100% Naturally with medicinal herbs (the foundation for all pharmaceuticals), and do it in a sustainable way that not only doesn't harm the plant, but promotes sustainable clean practices. Healing Bliss is committed to sustainable, environmentally friendly practices, including composting by products from product manufacturing, local organic sustainable farming, and natural wildcrafting practices, as well as organic local bees wax farmed by the kindest of bee keepers raised in the cleanest island valleys. All products are made by hand in small batches to promote freshness, and intensity of healing in each product. Ensuring that as little as possible goes to waste!

In the 15 Years that our Herbal Momma has been cooking her glorious, board certified, herbal remedies for the masses. We have listened to Our families and friends, we have heard the cries of our customers, and our own children and animals. The world is to often a rough, hard, hot and cold type of place. And to be honest, we all take a beating. We believe with in all life there is the power to heal, and we just provide the medium for the healing to transmit. We can use clean natural products to heal our skin and beautify our lives, heal our pets, keep bugs away, to treat every layer of the skin or hair, to heal wounds, or sooth scrapes, we can use the natural plants and oils our earth provides to heal the burns from the sun and wind, and sooth the aches from a long hard day. We can support the local people in our community who are taking the extra time and effort to do things right with environmentally friendly, sustainable farming practices. We can support our local economy and the people in our community who need the most help. With this practice we build a company the is truly a family. And a family is what we all are. At Healing Bliss Botanicals we are committed to healing the Planet one body at a time!

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