Healing Bliss Botanicals and Whole Foods: the start of a beautiful friendship

Why we’re thrilled that Whole Foods is carrying our body care products

Have you heard our big news? Healing Bliss Botanicals is going to be available at Whole Foods Market!

Yay, us! (And yay, you, too if you’re a Whole Foods shopper!)

As a small family business that’s dedicated to creating healthy body care products in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, getting approved by Whole Foods is a pretty big deal. Not only does it mean more people will have access to our products, but it also acknowledges our efforts and the value of promoting 100 % natural healing.

And we think that’s kinda great.  

Body care standards – ours and theirs

At Healing Bliss Botanicals, we believe that if something isn’t safe to ingest, it shouldn’t be put on our skin either. Our products are made from natural, simple ingredients. They are cruelty free and never contain preservatives, artificial ingredients or food dyes commonly found in many body care products. Made by hand in small batches ensures freshness and potency. Because these products were created initially for family and then friends, we only have the highest standards for quality.

Within the body-care industry, however, there are actually very few regulations on ingredients. So Whole Foods decided to create their own set of standards. Due to this commitment to high-quality personal care items, they carefully evaluate each and every product they sell. Approving our products for sale in their outlets shows that our goods can be used with confidence and peace of mind.

A little bit about Whole Foods

In case you weren’t aware, Whole Foods is North America’s leading natural and organic food retailer. Known for their commitment to sustainable agriculture, they were founded when four Austin, Texas businesspeople decided to try a supermarket format within the natural foods industry. Since opening that first store in 1980, they’ve expanded across the US and into Canada in 2002, and now boast more than 440 locations in North America and the UK.

Whole Foods’ core values include supporting community, improving the environment and keeping employees and customers happy. And aside from carrying the finest natural products available, they have the strictest quality standards in the industry.

Find us at Whole Foods in Burnaby

Of course, we aren’t in all the Whole Foods stores – yet! Currently we’re in the new Whole Foods Burnaby store and are in the process of contacting other Lower Mainland locations. We’re also planning on being part of the Victoria location when it opens this fall.

Near a Whole Foods store elsewhere in North America or the UK? Be sure to ask them about Healing Bliss Botanicals so they can bring some in for you!

For more information on any of our products, or other locations where our products are available, visit our website at http://www.healingbliss.ca.

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